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EverWatch Server Monitor is a free and open source software for system monitoring which lets you monitor constantly and accurately your web servers uptime. The component is open source and so it is available for downloading and running without charge.It supports monitoring multiple systems by automatically polling one or more web servers. The component will notify you quickly when the monitored server is down or restarted. The component is available for many popular Linux, BSD, and Unix web hosting platforms. It is capable of detecting both server hardware and software errors, but it is not a full hardware monitoring application.Features:Continuous polling of web server(s) even if they are not upReports status of web server uptime, free, CPU load, free, RAM, connection counts and moreGet notification when monitored server is down or restartedOption to log status of monitored server(s) to a txt, csv, html, gprs, and sqlite fileCompatibility list availableEasy to install and configureCompatible with many web hosting platformsNo need for an always on internet connectionOption to skip polling on weekends, holidays, or night timeEverWatch Server Monitor Installation:Install EverWatch Server Monitor using one of the following methods.From sourceTo install from source, do the following.# Compile and install from source.wget tar xvfz everwatch_v1.0.0.tar.gzcd everwatch_v1.0.0# Install./configuremakemake installUsing package managerIf you are using Ubuntu, Fedora, or other Redhat-derived distributions, run the following command to install from the repository:# Install.yum install everwatch-server-monitorIf you are on Debian or other Debian-derived distributions, run the following command:# Install.apt-get install everwatch-server-monitorHow to use EverWatch Server Monitor:Click the On/Off button to make the component always on.When it's On/Off, click the On/Off button on the tray icon to control the status of the component.The component can be installed on one computer, and run on multiple computers over a network. It supports monitoring multiple systems 08929e5ed8

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