not just "bridal chatter"  

Wedding stress is real. Don't let anyone tell you different.


Each bride goes through this experience differently.

For some, finances and budgeting are the chief concerns.

For others, it's balancing the varying opinions and expectations of everyone involved in the process.

For many, body image and weight loss become a focus.

For most, it's a combination of many of these issues happening at once, all while trying to nurture your partnership as you both transition through this important milestone.

Whether it's bridesmaids, budgets, or bands - no stress is too big or small to work out during your AisleTalk session. 


Here are some common concerns we look at:

finances and budgeting
family stress
feeling overwhelmed
balancing family expectations and opinions 
depressed mood
decision-making difficulty
introducing two sets of families and friends
crossing cultures and religions
coping with body image concerns or low self esteem
time management and competing responsibilities
relationship/partner stress


Here at AisleTalk, we know that no two clients are the same, and no two journeys down the aisle require the same exact support. We provide therapeutic services that are right for you. Scroll through our services below to learn more about each & contact me for rates and special packages.


  meet the aisletalk team!  

Landis Headshot_BP1.JPG

landis bejar, lmhc


Landis Bejar is the head and heart behind AisleTalk.

Landis moved from Miami, Florida to New York City to pursue her graduate studies at Columbia University. Landis went on to graduate with masters degrees in counseling psychology and mental health counseling and earned her license as a New York State Mental Health Counselor (LMHC). Landis has extensive experience working with adults, children, couples and families coping with a variety of emotional concerns, including: anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress, couple and family stress, financial struggles, career and academic stress, concerns related to sexuality and gender identity, self-esteem, and disordered eating. 

After planning her own wedding in 2015, Landis became fascinated with the emotional experience that arises during the wedding planning process. She began to explore this issue with colleagues and friends and found that, for most, even when it is a joyful experience, it could still prove to be uniquely stressful time, often setting the scene for heightened emotion, pressure, and expectation in a relatively short period of time. She found that most stressors that come up during wedding planning are the same stressors that bring most people to therapy at other points in their lives, but wedding planning seemed to bring out many of these issues at once!

Landis's therapeutic style is warm, nonjudgmental, client-centered, and goal-focused. Knowing that a strong therapeutic relationship can be responsible for 80% of successful client outcomes, that is where she starts working toward your goals: building a trusting, collaborative relationship, rooted in the client’s strengths. From there, she integrates techniques of cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), person-centered therapy, emotionally-focused couples therapy (EFT), mindfulness practices, and psychodynamic therapy based on each client’s unique needs and preferences. Landis appreciates and incorporates honest feedback throughout the therapeutic process to make it the most meaningful it can be for each client who walks through her door.


aleigh huston-lyons, mhc

associate therapist

Aleigh is a native North Carolinian who can *almost* call herself a true New Yorker after nine years living in New York City. She received a master's degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Wake Forest University. With a deep interest in untangling difficult relationship dynamics, Aleigh developed a specialty in working with couples and families, collaborating with clients to reimagine what healthy and fulfilling relationships can look like.


Aleigh has a warm, kind and energetic presence. She creates an open, vulnerable and comforting space for her clients while infusing the therapeutic process with the vitality and humor it often needs. She partners with individuals and couples to gain genuine insight into themselves and their relationship patterns, collaborating to find new ways of understanding, appreciating and relating to one another in order to thrive as individuals and as a couple. She is a culturally competent therapist, with specific expertise in working with interracial and intercultural couples.


Aleigh has been trained as a certified PREPARE/ENRICH facilitator, the leading structured approach to premarital and marital counseling. She has engaged in training with systemic therapies like Emotionally-Focused Therapy (EFT) and Internal Family Systems (IFS), and skill-based therapies like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Dialectic Behavior Therapy (DBT). She also has a background working in the corporate world with significant experience navigating high-pressure career environments.

Aleigh is a trusted therapist member of the My Wellbeing mental health matchmaking platform.

Farzana HS.jpg

farzana rahman, lmhc

associate therapist

Farzana is a native New Yorker and Licensed Mental Health Counselor.  She pursued her master’s degree in mental health counseling from Fordham University. Farzana is passionate about working with the unique mental health concerns and daily life stressors endured by women and individuals of color. Farzana has a comprehensive understanding of helping clients through struggles including depression, anxiety, trauma, and stressors related to one’s identity, involving race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, gender, and sexuality.

Farzana has developed interest in how the particular time of wedding planning and moving towards marriage is affecting many relationships, including couples themselves, but also parent-child relationships. Drawing from personal experiences and professional work with families, she is able to understand how expectations from family can cause exciting life changes to be stressful and daunting.


Farzana’s therapeutic style is non-judgmental and trauma informed. She creates a space that is safe and collaborative for all. Farzana integrates techniques from psychodynamic therapy, multi-cultural counseling, and person-centered therapy. Additionally, she is a certified facilitator in the forefront approach to premarital and marital counseling, PREPARE/ENRICH.

Farzana is a trusted therapist and community member of the following mental health platforms: 

My WellbeingPsychologyToday,


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