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AisleTalk is proud to serve as a trusted and expert source for all things wedding stress, covid wedding planning, and healthy relationships - 

check out our resource library below.

  For Coping with COVID Wedding Planning  

Don't Go Broke Attending Weddings

Associated Press, ABCnews, NerdWallet, March 2022

How to Make a Wedding Easier on Your Guests

New York Times, February 9, 2022

Wedding therapist said the pandemic can highlight who is taking on more wedding stress in a relationship, October 4, 2021

A wedding therapist says couples need to reframe what they think it means when someone RSVPs “no” to their wedding, September 28, 2021 

A wedding therapist shares her four biggest tips for couples planning a wedding right now, September 18, 2021 

Prepping for the Year of Many, Many Weddings

New York Times, August 24, 2021

Could Be the Biggest Wedding Year Ever. But Are Guests Ready to Gather?
TIME Magazine, May 29, 2021 

Have You Had the COVID-19 Conversation With Your Loved Ones

BRIDES, January 26, 2021 

What a Brides Editor and COVID Bride Learned During Wedding Planning Therapy

BRDIES, December 10, 2020

4 Ways to Manage Wedding Stress during COVID-19: A Bridal Therapist’s Take

Bride & Blossom Blog, October 20, 2020

Toxic Positivity Is the Mental Health Concern You Should Be Aware of Now More Than Ever

The Knot, September 29, 2020

The Exquisite Pain of Covid Cancellations

AisleTalk Blog, June 22, 2020

A Bridal Therapist’s Advice On How To Handle A Canceled Wedding, April 27, 2020

What it means to "grieve" a postponed or cancelled wedding

AisleTalk Blog, April 24, 2020 

Staying Sane In The Age of Coronavirus‬ - The Big Wedding Planning Podcast

The Big Wedding Planning Podcast, April 8, 2020

My friend is in denial about the coronavirus and hasn't cancelled her wedding. How do I tell her I'm not coming?, March 21, 2020 

  For Navigating Wedding Stress  

Here's Who Traditionally Pays for What in the Wedding Budget

The Knot, April 1, 2022

Wedding Experts Say the Term 'Bridezilla' Should be Retired, February 12, 2022

How to Handle Wedding Planning Stress, According to Science

BRIDES, January 6, 2022

How to Deal With Toxic Family Members During Wedding Planning

BRIDES, November 4, 2021

Wedding Planning Stressors with Landis Bejar

Virtue Mental Podcast, November 2021

Wedding therapist says you should ask yourself two questions if you’re having cold feet before your wedding, October 23, 2021

Whose Wedding Is It Anyway?

Bite Your Tongue Podcast, May 22, 2021 

The Subconscious Identity Shifts that Happen Once You Say "I Do" and Expert Advice to Help You Manage Them

Step by Step Wedding Prep Podcast, November 5, 2020


Wedding Planning Burnout Is Real—Here's How to Deal
The Knot, May 21, 2020


Couples are turning to wedding therapy to deal with the stress of planning their big day, February 8, 2020


Wedding Therapy, Is That a Thing?

Shame Piñata Podcast, February 2020 


Why Stress When You Can See a Wedding Therapist?

New York Times, December 3, 2019


How to prevent wedding planning stress from ruining the big day, according to a therapist devoted to anxious brides

Business Insider, October 3, 2019

My fiancé said he has no interest in wedding planning, but he's obsessed with the budget. How can I get him more interested since money influences every decision I'll have to make?, August 30, 2019

Keep calm - and marry on! Wedding therapist reveals the top causes of stress for brides-to-be - and shares expert tips for how to avoid ALL the drama and just enjoy the big day

Daily Mail, April 19, 2018

  For Strengthening Your Relationship  

Why You Should Consider a Sleep Divorce for Your Relationship

The Knot, April 9, 2021

Couples therapists share the 5 rom-coms you should watch, and 4 you should skip February 11, 2021 

New Year's Resolutions Typically Don't Work—Here's What to Do Instead

The Knot, January 8, 2021 

4 Ways to Ring in the New Year at Home

New York Times, December 27, 2020 

How to Save a Failing Marriage, According to an Expert

BRIDES, October 23, 2020


Date Night: Where Does Love Begin?: A Workshop for Individuals and Couples to Explore Relationship Values

AisleTalk Workshop, August 27, 2020


Date Night: Where Does Love Begin?: A Workshop for Couples to Explore their Values In Relationships 

AisleTalk Workshop, June 25, 2020 

A wedding therapist says you shouldn't get engaged if you haven't talked about these 5 things with your partner, November 7, 2021

  For Learning More About Wedding Therapy   

Everything You Need To Know About: COUPLES THERAPY

MyWellbeing Blog, August 9, 2019

Meet Landis Bejar of AisleTalk: Consultation & Therapy, October 25, 2018

What You Need To Know About Emotionally-Focused Therapy (EFT)

MyWellbeing Blog, October 17, 2018 

Interview with Landis Bejar of AisleTalk, Women Paving the Aisle series 

Bride and Blossom Blog, September 10, 2018 


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