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Consulting with Landis

Entrepreneur, psychotherapist, coach, founder, CEO, working mom, business owner, relationship expert, and wedding therapist—


Landis embraces a multitude of titles, each earned through over a decade of unwavering dedication, rigorous education, trial and error, unparalleled mentorship. And definitely more than one decade of living-and-learning.

As AisleTalk cements its status as the original and most prominent wedding therapy brand of its kind, a new role has naturally evolved for Landis—the role of the consultant. Landis offers consultations to large wedding and media brands seeking to elevate their content with a psychological touch. She has partnered with numerous therapists eager to venture into private practice and assisted countless wedding professionals in understanding the source of their clients' wedding-planning stress.

Landis is passionate about discussing all facets of wedding stress, relationship wellness, entrepreneurship psychology, and navigating the sometimes lonely and strange but also amazing world of private practice therapy. If you're a professional seeking guidance in any of these areas (or perhaps more specifically, the intersection of 2 or more of these areas) or looking to enrich your knowledge through a thoughtful, purposeful conversation that will enhance your work, please don't hesitate to contact us using the form below to schedule a consultation with Landis.

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